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Let Your Transformation Begin

Welcome to Intelligent Coaching,  your new life begins here. Intelligent Coaching is the personal development department of Intelligent Healthcare Solutions Ltd. We provide Coaching Services for individuals and organisations.

We believe that each person is uniquely gifted and endowed with limitless potential which if utilised can positively transform their lives and make a positive impact on the world . Our aim is to provide you with the support and tools that you need in order for you to embrace your full potential and bring about dynamic personal, professional and organisational change.

Our staff of experienced coaches work in a proactive, compassionate way with clients always demonstrating unconditional positive regard. Thus creating a conducive environment for personal development and growth.

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Coaching is a supportive, non-directive, collaborative process. The basis of which being that the client is considered to be the expert of their own life.

The coach interacts with the client through a series of structured conversations. A good coach will create a safe environment where clients can clearly define their goals, identify their resource (internal and external), values and beliefs and create a clear "road map" to goal achievement.

Your coach will listen to you without judgement and ask challenging questions to identify your barriers to your success, which will inspire you to achieve your goals. Coaches aim to enable their clients to realise, that they have everything that thy need to be successful. You will always be encouraged to take full responsibility for the decisions that you make.   

Engaging whole heartedly in the coaching process can unlock the door to an individuals potential.  Resulting in increased focus, clarity and personal effectiveness.

If you are interested in working with a coach, please contact us today to arrange your complementary 15 minute taster coaching session.

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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"


Coaching could be beneficial to you if:

  • You feel unfulfilled and are not currently reaching your full potential

  • If you sometimes feel as if you don't have the confidence, skills or resources to achieve your goals.

  • If you procrastinate, are unable to meet commitments or are feeling stuck.

  • If the gap between where you are and where you want to be feels insurmountable.

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Transforming Companies and Enhancing Lives

Our business coaching team work strategically with senior managers and business owners. This process enables them to develop a clear vison of their business in relation to their personal goals and achieve dynamic business results.

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